Terms and Conditions

Revised March 2021*

We follow all government guidance for early years and as we will keep you notified of any changes. Our risk assessment is rigorous, and a copy is available if you would like to see it. Do not bring your child if they are showing any symptoms of Covid 19 and get them tested as soon as possible. If a family member is self-isolating due to being in contact with a Covid positive case, your child can still attend nursery, providing they shown no signs or symptons of Covid. If your child has come into contact with anyone that has tested positive then they must not attend nursery and self isolate at home for 10 days. If we must close a bubble due to a positive case of Covid 19 we will offer the missed sessions paid for in advance at a later date when possible for us to do so. If we are unable to replace missed sessions, then you will be able to receive a refund less any government funding. If your child must self-isolate due to external factors of being in close contact with someone then our illness policy will be implemented and fees still payable.


Fees are required monthly in advance by the 1st of the month. Invoices are generated and issued by the last full week of the month prior to billing month. All accounts are computerised and calculated on an average monthly basis based on the child’s weekly amount multiplied by 4.333. Fees are payable for a full 52 weeks per year. Late fees will incur an administration charge of £25 and could result in a place being withdrawn or suspended without notice. St Lawrence’s day nursery reserves the right to review fees when necessary.

Term Time Only Funded Places

These are limited and cannot be guaranteed more than a term at a time. Government funding does not cover the cost of meals and snacks There will be an additional charge for these if your child accesses a funded place. This is payable monthly in advance.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by direct debit, standing order, BACS , nursery grant, government funding, tax and childcare vouchers. Any monthly fees must be set up to be paid into our account on or before the 1st of the month. Please ask if you require more details about payments.

Amending/Increasing Sessions

Should you wish to alter or cancel any sessions that have been booked we require 4 weeks’ notice by e-mail. If insufficient notice is given, then full fees will apply.


St Lawrence’s day nursery closes for all bank holidays and for one week at Christmas. These are payable in full.

Collection Of Children From Nursery

If you are going to be late collecting your child, then please contact the nursery manager with as much notice as possible so that we can ensure that there are enough staff available. If your child is not collected within the nursery opening hours, then an additional charge will be made. A password is required if anyone other than parents/guardians are to collect a child.


St Lawrence’s day nursery has extensive employers and public liability cover.

Property And Belongings

St Lawrence’s Day Nursery provides an extensive range of resources for children of all ages. It is therefore not necessary and not advisable for children to bring toys from home. Security blankets and comforts from home are acceptable and whilst we will endeavour to take care of any articles brought to nursery, we cannot be held responsible to any loss or damage to such items. Please ensure that all coats, hats and other removable garments are clearly named. Slippers should be provided for indoor activities. Practical, “inexpensive” clothing is strongly recommended as your child will be encouraged to engage in lots of “Messy Play” both indoors and outside. We recommend all in one waterproof suits for outdoor play.

Medicines And First Aid

Nursery staff will administer prescribed medicines if parents fill in our medication records with accurate details. Should your child sustain an accident whilst at nursery a trained member of staff will administer any necessary first aid. You will be informed of the incident either immediately or at the end of the day depending on the nature of the injury. We also ask that when your child commences nursery that you complete a medical consent form, which includes granting permission for us to take your child to hospital in cases of emergency.


Parents are requested not to send their child to nursery if they are suffering from any infectious disease, including sickness and diarrhoea, or if they are not feeling well enough to attend. We would be grateful if parents could inform us of absences by telephone by 9am. St Lawrence’s Day Nursery has a realistic attitude to the needs of working parents but reserves the right to contact parents if their child becomes ill whilst as nursery. St Lawrence’s day nursery must be informed of any illness a child has if it may prove dangerous to other children. Any advice we give is based on information provided by the area health authority and parents will be kept informed in accordance with their regulations. When a child is ill no refund will be made, except in extreme cases of prolonged illness where four weeks’ notice can be given in advance about attendance. This will be at the discretion of the management. In such instances then a retainer may be charged, a place held, and overpaid fees refunded.

Photographs/ Facebook/ Website

We often take photographs of children to inform parents, outside agencies, to use in staff training and for use on our website and Facebook page. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed, please indicate this on your child’s registration form.

*St Lawrence’s Day Nursery reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.