Policies and Procedures

Settling your child

Once you have decided on starting your child at St Lawrence’s nursery, we like to encourage parents to bring their child along for a series of short visits prior to their start date. We ask parents to stay on the first visit with their child, as this gives you a chance to meet the staff and ask any necessary questions. After that we suggest you leave your child for a visit on their own and gradually increase the length of time you leave them until you feel confident that your child is settled and ready to start. Once your child has started at the nursery, parents are welcome to phone at any time and speak to the staff for reassurance that your child has happily settled.

Key worker system

Each child is allocated a key worker within the room they are placed in. When a child is new to his nursery, this key worker will be present at all visits to help settle the child and be a familiar face to the parent. This key worker is also responsible for writing the home to nursery books, if relevant, and completing the child’s development record chart, which every child has in the nursery.

Open door policy

At St Lawrence’s day Nursery we operate an open door policy where parents are welcome into the nursery, at any time, whether it is to talk to the staff or to interact with their child in the nursery environment.

Health visitor

The health visitor visits the nursery once every 8 weeks and if parents wish, she will happily weigh your child and record the details in your child’s development book. She will happily answer any concerns or questions you may wish the staff to discuss with her about your child

2 year health checks

Your child’s key worker will complete a progress check on your child once they reach the age of two. (This is different to NHS health check) The aims of these checks are to review your child’s development and to help support development both at home as well as at nursery. These checks are then passed onto your health visitor where further support can be given if necessary.

Sick child policy

Children are unable to attend nursery if they have an infectious illness. We can administer antibiotics and calpol to children if they are well enough to attend nursery, providing it has been prescribed by the doctor.

Parents evening

Once a year, we invite the parents to attend our open evening where you can discuss your child’s progress and general well being whilst at nursery.

Complaints policy

The nursery operates a complaints policy. If a parent wishes to make a complaint the nursery will follow this complaints procedure in a professional and confidential manner. Details of how to make a complaint to OFSTED are displayed on the parent’s notice board.

Child protection policy

We have a duty at the nursery to ensure the safety of every child. The nursery has a right to make a note of any existing injuries and make a record of any concerns. Confidentiality is maintained at all times.