Parents Partnership

We pride ourselves on forming an excellent relationship with all our parents/carers, caring for every child as they were our own.

We aim to develop partnerships between carers and parents and staff which are based on mutual trust and respect, which promotes the sharing of information and knowledge for the benefit of the children in our care.

Open door policy

All parents/carers are welcome to come into the nursery to chat about their child at any time.

Home to nursery books

The babies and little movers all have a daily home to nursery communication book that is filled out by the child’s key worker.

All about me

We ask parent to complete an ‘all about me’ me form an a termly basis which provides staff with up to date information on their child’s development at home.

Regular newsletters

Newsletters are emailed out on a regular basis giving parents updates on any nursery news. We also send parents useful/important updates regarding child safety.

Daily feedback verbally and through emails

The child’s keyworker will speak to the parents at handover and collection each day.

Parents open days

We hold parents open days twice a year where parents can come in and speak to their child’s key worker about their development.

Coffee mornings

We arrange monthly coffee mornings for parents to come into nursery and meet other parents.

Stay and play sessions

Parents are invited into nursery to stay and play with their child for a short session.


We put regular updates of all the nurseries activities on our Facebook page.

Key worker system

All parents are informed who their child’s keyworker is. The keyworker is responsible for forming a strong relationship with parents to build secure attachments with their child. They are also responsible for monitoring the child’s development at nursery, communicating with parents daily and ensuring all their needs are met.