Celebrating Chinese New Year

Our children enjoyed celebrating Chinese new year with lot’s of fun activities. Our babies made a pig to symbolise the ‘year of the pig’. The preschool children made a Chinese dragon and toddlers made fun ‘pig’ masks.

Visit by a policeman

As part of our drive to promote British values, we had a visit by Inspector Ian Gould. He talked to our preschool children about why rules matter and ‘stranger danger’. The children loved it and were really engaged.

Tom’s Zoo

Tom brought all his animals into nursery for the children to look at. There was Bernard the enormous chicken! Oreo the guinea pig, Ted the rabbit and Timmy the hedgehog. Along with cockroaches, millipedes, giant snails and grass hoppers. The children were so brave at holding them all (much braver than the staff!) Thank you… Read more »

We’re going on a Bear Hunt.

  This week the pre-school children have been enjoying listening to a new story ‘we are going on a bear hunt’. They took their teddy bears on a walk around the church yard and enjoyed learning the actions to the ‘bear hunt’ dance