Mr & Mrs C

To the wonderful team of St Lawrence’s Ladies who work with my little boy and all those behind the scenes also: the cook, cleaner, DIY man, the social calendar keeper and more.

Being an older mum, unfortunately my parents who worked in the front line for the NHS now have mobility and health issues meaning they cannot help me. You are my village, the wisdom of my nan no longer with us, my caring arms when my child is upset or hurt, calming, creative and dependable. You make it possible for me to work and occasionally rest! You make me a better mum and I am extremely grateful.

You shape and change the lives of the children for the better. They learn your ways. Your put a part of yourself, your personality in to every single day you care for him and the other children. Thank you very much!

Mrs B

Thank you so much for the amazing start St Lawrence has given my son and daughter. You create such a special environment and as a working mum that’s such a comfort.

Mr & Mrs M

As a setting you have always gone above and beyond in advice, care and reassurance and we will always be appreciative of the special time given during our children’s most formative years.

Mr & Mrs H

It really is, in my opinion, the best nursery around. The emphasis on learning through fun and developing happy, sociable children has given our children the best start in life. You all work so hard creating such a positive environment for the children.

Mr & Mrs G

It is a warm, welcoming, friendly, fun and educational environment with lot’s of variety and access to the community. The staff are happy, nurturing and confident, I would, and do, recommend this nursery to my friends and colleagues.

Mrs B

St Lawrence’s Day nursery provides outstanding service in my opinion, I am very happy that my daughter attends, so much so that I am already looking forward to my youngest daughter also starting soon!